Custom Home Landscaping

When building a new home, people often turn to a professional. At Ashland Brothers we provide custom landscaping design and construction services for homes in Oregon and southern Washington.

Our goal is to create beautiful and functional landscapes that that integrate your home into its natural surroundings. A well designed landscape makes a wonderful first impression and increases the value of your property.


  • Mowing
    • Mow and edge all turfs
    • Blow off all turfs and hardscapes
    • Remove all grass clippings
  • Fertilizing, moss control, & seeding
  • Weeding
  • Raking
  • Cleaning
  • Detailing of all beds
  • Weed control in turf and beds
  • Fertilizing turfs (moss control included)
  • Removing all leaves and debris off the property
  • Pruning, trimming and shaping
    • Shrubs
    • Hedges
    • Bushes
    • Plants as needed
  • Edging
  • Fall cleanup
  • Spring cleanup
  • Delivery/installation of bark, rock, soil, etc.
  • Removal of small trees
  • Removal of unwanted plants, shrubs, bushes, etc.
  • Repairs